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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

Will You Peerfund My Work?

I'm looking to raise £6,000 to support myself and a few others for the next 3 months so that we can launch a whole new socio-economic-technological infrastructure.

Any contribution you can make — £60, £300 or even £1,000 — will be greatly appreciated and rewarded. Thank you!

The Supporters So Far:

Robert de Souza £300
archels £1
Lauri Love £50
Alex Rollin £20
Josef Davies-Coates £20
mattcoop £14
Benjamin Degenhart £10
Michael Kedzierski £30
Charles Goodier £100
Chris Greiner £20
Tim Lossen £100
Thamilarasi Sivapathasundaram £100
pgchamberlin £10
John McCane-Whitney £250
Still Needed £4,975

My Work:

The core of my work is about creating Ampify — an open source, decentralised application platform. I've been working on this for over 10 years and, as proof, you can see:

  • The web archive for Espra — an early attempt in 2000-2001 [link]
  • The first public discussion with others about the idea — September 11th 2001 [link]
  • The web archive for Plex — another attempt in 2001-2002 [link]

A key aspect of Ampify is Trust Maps — a way of specifying who you trust and in what context. This will be used to help overcome information overload and here's a prototype that was used to explore the idea:

And, here's another prototype that filters and searches Twitter streams according to an individual's Trust Map:

Ampify will also support Pecus — which is intended as a foundation for a reputation economy. It'll enable those who share their works to be properly rewarded, e.g. open source developers, musicians, blog authors, youtube content creators, etc.

This will be complemented by Amp Creds — a global reference currency backed by Processing, Storage and Transfer — that will hopefully enable a more stable economy than the boom-and-bust cycles of the present one.

Ampify will also enable a new form of decentralised collaboration through the use of the Confluence model. Here's a MediaWiki-based prototype that tested some of this idea [source code]:

It's taken a lot of iterations and failures to figure out what works and what doesn't — and I'm confident about having a working version of Ampify by October. There's already the start of some documentation and you can watch the GitHub repository to follow the open development.

And, finally, your support will also enable my other various open source contributions and help put on events like Social Startup Labs — which helps tackle the issue of jobs creation by helping local communities identify the needs and opportunities for Social Businesses:

Do drop by and say hello on IRC chat if you're interested in any of this work:

channel: #esp

I believe my work adds real value and, with your support, I can get it to a stage where it could make a really positive impact:

Thank you.