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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

Twitter #golang List, Go Mirror on GitHub
Go Mirror on GitHub

I've started a Twitter List of those in the community working on the Go language, libraries, apps or articles:

You should follow it to keep track of the fast-moving developments and let me know — either in the comments or via @tav — if I should add you to the list.

And, oh, could we all please normalise on using the #golang hashtag please? The #go hashtag is used for too many other things — including that game that some of us love.

I've also started to maintain a Git mirror of the Go repository on GitHub. You should watch it to stay informed of changes to the Go language.

Now, as I explain in the getting started with git article, I consider Git and Mercurial to be pretty equivalent. The only reason I prefer Git is due to the wonderful service that is GitHub.

Not only does it offer a far better social experience, but it's interface is much better than what Google Code or bitbucket currently offer. Now, to get started with using the Git mirror, just do:

$ git clone git://

You can then follow the normal installation instructions to set the environment variables and then run ./all.bash inside $GOROOT/src.

Note that by default, the master branch will be checked out — if you'd rather not be on the cutting edge, then check out the release tag using:

$ git checkout release

Besides being able to track the language developments using GitHub, the main advantage of the Git mirror is that you can now use it as a git submodule within your own repositories!

This is the main reason I setup the mirror — using the wonderful hg-git plugin by Scott — but I hope it proves useful to some of you too. Let me know if it does!