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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.


I'm pleased to announce the initial launch of Mamading Ceesay's Quotessence. Check it out!

Quotessence Logo

As someone who loved readings quotations as a kid, I was super excited when Mamading told me about his idea a few days ago.

There is a lot of wisdom in quotes. A lot for all of us to learn from. Unfortunately, the websites I've seen dedicated to quotations are way too cluttered for my tastes.

In contrast, the initial version of Quotessence offers something much cleaner. Just go to the website and you are presented with a single quote to take away. You can even limit it to quotes from just a single author, e.g. Epigrams in Programming by Alan Perlis.

Quotessence is showing a lot of promise for a first release. And the upcoming features sound quite nice too:

  • Twitter integration: follow @Quotessence for regular intakes of words from the wise.
  • Unix fortune files support.
  • Addition of a lot more authors/quotations.

For the programmers there's even a JSON-based API. You can limit it to an individual author, e.g. and even specify an optional callback parameter for JSON-P usage.

For example, to get the following random quote from the eminently quotable Mamading:

Just do:

function (data) {
$('<a />').attr(
'href', '' + data.deck

All in all this is a great start! And I'd be even more excited if Quotessence would allow for quotes on Twitter to be captured easily — sort of like a for Twitter…

Check out Quotessence and hassle Mamading on Twitter @evangineer with your thoughts/praise ;p