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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

Pedipeace (Part 1)

[This is a reposting of an email that I had sent to some close friends on March 24th 2003 @ 23:56.]

| rehi,
| i have often expressed my discontent of protest marches, petitions, and
| the likes of direct action such as hunger strikes, sit-ins, blockades,
| chaining oneself to..., etc.
| i agree with all of them in theory, and in practise they all work great
| as acts of solidarity. they bring people together. let people know that
| they are not alone in their feelings.
| however, unfortunately for us, their value has been diminished over the
| years. the hippies did too good a job. values and beliefs and actions so
| adapted by mainstream culture, that they have no effect.
| so let's not merely walk from A to B. let's not block traffic and
| achieve nothing besides annoying people and getting yourself nicked.
| let's not chant mindlessly at the police -- these guys are just doing
| their job, they've heard the fucking chants all day long.
| it's time to take things a step further. time to do something
| constructive. and so, i would like to propose the "pedipeace movement"
| -- pedestrianise for peace.
| let's choose one day, and on that day, not have cars travel through
| london, and form circles at every other crossroads, and have a dialogue
| about various issues.
| it doesn't even have to all be a dialogue of words. at some crossroads,
| we could have wonderful music and dance. at some crossroads, we could
| have beautiful men and women giving out free food.
| we could discuss nuclear disarmament at oxford circus, palestine at
| cambridge circus. the idea is to have a circle at many crossroads and
| people to come forward to the middle and express themselves. to have a
| dialogue.
| we should practise the law of two feet, which states simply that if you
| find yourself in a situation where you are neither learning nor
| contributing – use your two feet and move to some place more to you
| liking. maybe to another crossroad, or maybe to a park somewhere. no
| matter what, don’t sit there feeling miserable.
| we could create some infrastructure to make this happen better. e.g.
| let's say that people are discussing nuclear disarmament at oxford
| circus. i go there and text a number (let's say 2661) "nuclear disarmament".
| and then, when someone sends a second number (let's say 2662), asking
| where people are discussing "nuclear disarmament", it would send back
| directions to the one at oxford circus. you could add the numbers of
| your friends to the system so that people could filter the results more
| effectively...
| so, in summary... we would have true dialogue. not some pompous git
| standing up on stage lecturing us all, but instead dialogue between the
| people. democracy. we would have achieved something constructuve. every
| nite, people could go back and write up summaries of what happened...
| we would have people talking to each other. we would have people
| learning more about the land around them. their geography. we could have
| wonderful street parties in the night, celebrating life.
| we would be expressing our discontent by blocking off central london.
| and, yet at the same time, we would be practising what we preach by
| using cars less. we are all oil junkies. it's time to ease up on our
| addiction.
| many people are angry. many people feel betrayed. but, let's direct that
| energy into achieving something constructive. into creating the world
| that we want. let's not just chant mindlessly. let's come up with solutions.
| i would appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments on this. criticism,
| both positive and negative, is very welcome. i would like to give this a
| serious push once we've got a solid plan in place.
| --
| peace is now, tav