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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

New Domain for Tav

Update: I reverted to as the main domain — redirects here so you can use it as a shorter url to type…

My apologies to all those who have been following this blog through the RSS feed. As some of you have noticed, the feed has been behaving rather erratically recently.

This is because I have been migrating everything from to the new domain. This is now the permanent home for my blog and will remain so until the Plexnet eventually replaces the current domain name system.

The feed should be working properly again and is still at the same place as it always was — I don't plan to move domains anytime soon so you can expect a certain level of stability now =)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to migrate over the old comments to the new domain. Disqus doesn't seem to have any builtin comment migration across domains feature. So apologies if you look at an article and don't see your comments turning up.

The comments are still there on the Disqus system — just pointing to the wrong URL. I'll try and see if I can leverage the Disqus API to somehow integrate the comments. I really value all of your comments and hope that you understand.

As part of the migration, I also expanded the backend with some additional features:

$ python -m plexnet.tool.article --help
Usage: [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-a AUTHORS Set the path for a special authors file (optional)
-c PACKAGE Generate documentation for the Python package (optional)
-d DATA_FILE Set the path for a persistent data file (optional)
-e OUTPUT_ENCODING Set the output encoding (default: utf-8)
-f FORMAT Set the output format (default: html)
-i INPUT_ENCODING Set the input encoding (default: utf-8)
-o OUTPUT_PATH Set the output directory for files (default: $PWD)
-p PATTERN Generate index files for the path pattern (optional)
-r ROOT_PATH Set the path to the root working directory (optional)
-t TEMPLATE Set the path to a template file (optional)
--quiet Flag to suppress output
--stdout Flag to redirect to stdout instead of to a file

It now supports multiple authors and even generates pretty source documentation for Python packages, as can be seen on the the new domain for the Plexnet:

The code is sitting a a new source repository with a pretty Rails-based Subversion browser called Warehouse. You can see it @

Thanks for bearing with the upheaval. To make up for it, maybe you'll be interested to know that some others have started blogging too: