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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

Needed: Better Interior Design for Sex

Given the importance of sex in our lives, it's surprising how little interior design facilitates it. This is a call to all pioneering designers out there. You have a market of billions who are being poorly catered for.

Start designing today!

XKCD Mattress Comic Strip
by xkcd

It is essential that all designs serve multiple purposes. That is, it should not be obvious that they are for sex. That is just tacky. Having a Love Swing in your living room is a sure way to give your guests the creeps!

Instead, check out the Tantra Chair (Warning: NSFW). This classy eco-friendly fuck chair could easily blend in as part of the regular living room furniture. Lovers can be comfortable. Guests have a nice seat =)

Variation is important to a healthy sex life. And the physical elements in our homes should be designed to facilitate this! Otherwise the tendency is to fall back on the same old positions/routines and that is just painful!!

Take the bathroom as an example. Sex whilst showering together is great fun! Yet most houses have poorly designed bathrooms/showers in this regard. You have to perform some acrobatics to get the heights and angles right.

So many good moments are lost because the design wasn't good enough to help make it happen. But if enterprising designers would work at this, it would make for a better world. Not least, it would open the doorways of imagination to even more possibilities than what we have today!