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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

Hub Flows

[This is a reposting of an email that I had sent to the Hub London list on February 29th of this year.]

| > Following the suggestion of a few members in the last couple
| > of weeks, we've created a new email group for members who are
| > based at The Hub in Islington
| Another interesting development.
| Whilst all approaches to improving the signal-to-noise ratio is
| very welcome, is this really the right approach? Sure, all those
| mails asking about missing chargers clog up our inboxes. But as
| someone who has had a few of his phone chargers (not to mention
| a laptop!) going walkies from the Hub, I can certainly emphatise.
| I'd contest that all the frivolous "noisy" mails are essential
| for the continuity of the community. Otherwise, this is just yet
| another information channel and we already have more than enough
| of those. The reason most people are on here is probably because
| of the quality of the other people on here. I certainly am here
| because it gives me a feeling of the pulse of my Hub family. The
| personal connection. If I wanted impersonal high quality
| information, I'd just go and google. Millions of strangers.
| So if it's the personal connections that brings us here, then
| surely we have to deal with the noise from time to time? Because
| it's that which lubricates and keeps the list alive.
| I have found 3 things which help form great communities.
| * The engaged wise who provide something of value
| * The noisy young who give it character and act as a binding agent
| * The ease of which someone can transition between active/dormant
| And all attempts that I've seen which have tried to separate any
| of those have led to poorer communities.
| Anyways, just my two cents. Anyone have any further thoughts?
| On a side note, do we have any Hubs opening up by the sea? As I
| sit here overlooking the ocean, I can't but feel truly connected
| to the world as a whole. It's euphoric. Whilst they might drown
| if the sea level ever rises, it'd be a worthy investment just
| for the pure pleasure it provides in the now.
| --
| love, tav
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| founder and ceo, esp metanational llp
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