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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

Choosing A Profile Picture

Some people are photogenic. Some are not. Some people love seeing pictures of themselves. Some people don't. I belong to the second category in both cases.

Having generally avoided cameras my entire life, I was a bit lost when friends suggested that I should change the “profile” picture I was using in video presentations.

First of all, there were few photos in existence. Secondly, they pretty much always had other people in them or weren't taken in a professional context.

How do other people choose profile pictures? Do people have so many pictures of themselves that it's not much of hassle? Am I abnormal to have so few pictures of myself?

In fact, one of the few suitable pictures was the one of me on wikipedia:

Ian Clarke and Espra's Tav -- 2001

But it was taken when I was 18 — in 2001. Sigh! I was left with no choice but to go down the narcissistic route. Time to have pictures taken of myself! Woo!

Cameras have always failed to capture my charisma. But what the hell — time to face the camera. After 15 minutes of having photos taken by Tommy and Xiao, we arrived at:

Tav Espian

It's my new “official” profile picture. What does everyone think? Does it convey the “Tav Essence” at all?