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I'm Tav, a 29yr old from London. I enjoy working on large-scale social, economic and technological systems.

A Present Is Found & A Friend Is Made

[This is a reposting of an email that I had sent to some close friends on March 20th 2003 @ 05:53.]

| time. 2am. place. the wobbly (millennium) bridge.
| after entertaining myself running around the trees, i pull
| myself up onto the wobbly bridge and gently skip along. my
| heart beats slightly faster as i see the river flow underneath
| me. the thrill of being so high. the thrill of falling.
| clumsily pull myself over the side, straddle a beam and sit,
| watching the river flow. i lean back, feel the aura of the
| full moon. the wind blows. so soft. but with a sharpness that
| makes me alert. aware. lyrics come to mind "london calling to
| the underworld... i live by the river!"
| i get up to climb back over. i almost slip. heart beats. back
| on the wobbly. start to skip along again. in front of me, a
| giant circle. a perfect circle. a circle of objects. i look
| around -- no-one to be seen. a present from an anonymous
| stranger.
| i delight in the find and start exploring. a mobile phone. a
| paintbrush. a block of wood. a pressure valve. a blue tin
| (labelled russian caviar). i look inside. some round stones.
| another block of wood. too many objects to be mentioned here.
| the wind takes on a cold edge, but the present makes me very
| warm.
| and in the middle of this perfect circle, at the exact middle
| of the bridge (both lengthways and sideways), a grey and
| white toy bunny with a fat blue alkaline battery. i ponder
| upon the present for a long time. is there a clever message?
| for some reason, the words "beautiful girl lovely dress"
| sample across my mind's ear. a cyclist zooms by. i call back
| at him. he stops. he turns. he approaches cautiously. i ask
| him what he thinks. maybe a clock he says. doesn't have
| anything interesting to say. i let him go.
| i explore the present further. time goes by. i feel inspired.
| thoughts provoked. another walks by. i wave. we speak. i can
| sense the samani in this creature. we will be good friends.
| i bid the present goodbye, and decide to spend the remaining
| hours of the morning exploring the mind of this new found
| friend. and fun hours they were.